Site Rules

1.) Membership cards must be carried at all times and shown if requested.

2.) All cars to display a membership car badge.

3.) All cars to be parked carefully to avoid any obstruction of roads, gates, footpaths etc.

5.) In the absence of a site Warden any member may volunteer to take the post.

6.) All rubbish dug must be removed from the site. This is in every member's interest as reburied finds and surface rubbish  is     both unproductive and untidy.

7.) Holes must be filled in and firmed down and smoothed over at all times. This is again in every member's interest as sites may be lost if this procedure is not followed in a conscientious manner.

8.) Set-aside land under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme may not be dug.

9.) Any member bringing a Junior Member will be responsible for them and their behaviour.

10.) All large pieces of metal are to be removed from fields and deposited to the left of the field gate or entrance.

11.) Monies can be paid to site warden on signing in or paid at the next club meeting.


Country Code

Respect the Country Code. Do not leave gates open, damage crops, or frighten animals.

Do not trespass, Ask permission before venturing onto private land, all items found are the landowner's property and should not be removed without their consent in writing unless special arrangements have been made.

Ancient Monuments which are scheduled must not be metal detected unless permission has been given by the Secretary of State for National Heritage. To do so is a criminal offence.

Do not detect on any known archaeological site.

Do not detect on any Nature Reserve without permission.

Do not leave a mess behind you when you have finished digging. It is very simple to extract a coin or other small object from the ground without making a large hole. Replace the turf or soil cleanly.

Abide by the Treasure Act, up to date guidance can be sought from * or from your local Finds Liaison Officer

Be aware of any restrictions that may be in force by the Countryside Stewardship scheme.

Remember at all times that you are a member of the club and your actions and behaviour while detecting if not kept to a very high standard could bring the hobby into disrepute.

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