If you have lost an item of jewellery, keys, or anything made of metal or part metal, we may be able to help. We may be able to provide a FREE recovery service. But please note:-

  • You must know approximately where the object was lost.

  • The object must be made of metal ( gold, silver, aluminium, copper, steel, iron, etc ) or some part of the object must be of metal.

  • You must be able to describe the object in detail.

  • Unless the object was lost on your own property or on public land, or a beach, ( for example lost on a  public footpath )  it may be necessary to obtain permission to search.

  • Typical objects that have been lost and successfully recovered:- rings, broaches, pendants, earrings, keys, even parts of machinery, or, on the beach, mobile phones.

  • Use the email address or the form on the CONTACT page to get in touch and discuss you loss.


If your loss was in the East Hampshire or West Sussex area then contact the club.



One Happy Chappie.

The Club received  an Email from a person who had lost his White Gold wedding ring in some white decorative stones.

His email read:

I found you on Google. I am hoping you might be able to help.

I’ve been working in the garden today, laying 1 ton of decorative stones, only to finish the job and find my wedding ring to be missing.

I’m sure it must be in the stone somewhere, and I know the main areas I was using hands to move it around. I have looked several times, but can’t see anything.

If you are able to assist, could someone please come back to me?

However he was contacted and asked for more information.

The the ring was lost in a large area of 4-5 inches deep of white decorative stone with a weed membrane underneath.

A couple of days later I made a  50 minute drive to the north of Winchester, and introduced myself. I was shown the area he believed it to be lost in. Thick white decorative stones were between 1/4 to 1.5 inches in size and 4-5 inches deep, using my XP Deus metal detector the area was checked and  there were plenty of positive signals underneath the coil. Every positive signal was checked with the new XP probe and i moved the stones and found nothing.  ! went over the ground three times where he said he had lost it but the ring was not found.

However I did a sweep of the rest of the area and got a ear blasting signal. Before I could say that's might be where it might be, he made a beeline to where the target might be and he retrieved the ring-. It was Nowhere where he had thought he had lost it. A massive smile and a delightful cry that it was found and his wife came running and smiled. He shook my hand and offered money which I declined, but asked him to donate online to the clubs chosen charity the Rosemary foundation.

A very happy chappy indeed.


One Happy Lady.

The club had a email from a person who's email is below.

A resident at this farm, known to me as Diana, phoned me today to say she was standing looking at the beehives when she was "buzzed" by one of my bees. The bee got stuck in her hair, and she spent a few seconds waving her hands around to try to dislodge it. During this episode she lost her ring . The ground is covered in long grass, and a superficial search failed to reveal the ring. The area involved is about 3mx2m.

It should be a straightforward matter to detect the ring with a metal detector, but I am concerned that the detectorist should not themselves be similarly attacked! If someone is willing to attend, I would be happy, either to lend them my bee-suit and veil, or, perhaps easier, to use the detector myself under their instruction.

I rose to the challenge. With the new XP eleptical coil I spent 2 hours going up and down in the area that he said that the ring was lost. Finally he was an old man and wanted to go home. I went with him in his car and told the person I would be back.

Spending another 1.5 hours without success I decided to approach Diana. She told me she waved her hand and felt the ring go down her top and she ran a totally different direction and asked me if I had searched that area which I had not.

I tried again in the area that she told me flattening the long grass and 18 inch high thistles and within 20 minutes I had a good signal. I parted the long grass and saw this gold ring in view. I picked it up with delight and gave a great yell at the top of my voice and was overcome with emotion.

I then went to the farmers wife and she was pleased I had found it. We waited for the Diane to arrive from walking her black labrador. I showed her the ring and she looked with disbelief as it was of very great sentimental value as she had lost her husband a few years earlier.

Boy I am knackered I was told it was there and I knew what I was looking for and it was found 35 feet from the original supposed location and I was not going to give up.

I am still buzzing that I have made someone happy.

Lost ring found and reunited
Greg was thrilled on having his Dad's gold ring returned to him. He kindly offered to make a donation, so I directed him to the club's charity, The Rosemary Foundation. Another lost & found success story for the SMDC.
Another success for Solent Metal Detecting recovery service. Una aged 89 lost her gold ring in her garden that was given to her by her grandmother at the age of 5.
With her health not as good as it is she is moving to Kent so this was the last hope of getting her ring back.
Lost antique Ring Found.
Dear Secretary,  My wife, while gardening, has lost a small antique gold and diamond ring in one of the borders - it is of family and sentimental value.  Is it possible please for one of your members to visit us to do some metal detecting in the garden? 
I put one of our members Rew on the case and the lost ring was found within 5 minutes.

Total success - Thank you very much!  This morning Rew, short for Andrew, arrived and within a few minutes had discovered the ring - my wife Julie is thrilled and delighted.  The ring is her Grandmother's engagement ring, obviously of great sentimental value, and is already earmarked to go down another couple of generations - four of our eight grandchildren are granddaughters so we hope one of them will in due course also value it.

I have given a small contribution to Andrew for your charity, but feel that it is a very modest acknowledgment of the service which you and he have provided.  Please keep up the good work.

Lost Drain Cover Located.
We have had one of our strangest requests yet. A member of the public contacted us to find a lost manhole cover.
One of our members was contacted who lived neaby and went out to assist.
Tobin our member has this report.
One happy lady (and husband). Nice big house in a rural location. Large slabbed patio. Sewer blockage and no idea where the manhole was to begin rodding process was since the previous owners slabbed the whole area with slate on top of a concrete base. The Drain cover was located within 2 mins when my safari went into “overload”’and buzzed out! We broke the slabs on the target and hammered through the concrete base and bingo. There it was.
 I found the other drain cover too. We saw what direction the pipe headed in and I went after the next rodding point.

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