We currently have in excess of 2400 acres of land and 7 farms in the Hampshire area,

We have been detecting for over 27 years and are looking for other land to detect. 

All members pay to use club farms and all monies received is donated on behalf of our landowners to the Rosemary Foundation.

Any land, from large farm to a small garden is worth a search to uncover any possible historic artefacts lost items or even valuable treasure that may be there just under the soil surface. The normally accepted agreement is that the Land owner would receive 50% of the value or rewards arising from the recovery of any finds under the Treasure Act found by our club members.

Taylored Search Agreements are available between the land owner and the Club.

If you are interested in the history of your property, or would like to know if anything valuable is hidden just below the surface on your land, contact this web site. Note:- it is normal practice to have a simple written agreement, signed by both parties, defining the terms of the search permission. 

A garden to a whole farm can be a source of income. Your plot of land could be holding interesting historic objects or valuable items. We could find them and you, or the charity that you support, could benefit. We could rescue historic artefacts that can be preserved and studied in a museum rather than corroding to nothing under the ground. Get in touch by email, or by using our text entry form on the CONTACT page of this web site.

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